Social Justice Curriculum

Preparing future leaders today

We encourage critical thinking by providing a global perspective on society.

Our goal is to deliver the education world leaders should have. We want students to be positively transformed by their education and ready to apply this wisdom to their own lives, communities, and world. This means understanding history and being able to critically apply its lessons. This also  means acquiring the skills necessary to enable full participation in society.

For this reason, we pay attention to the holistic development of students. We encourage them to use their voice, and enable them to work in solidarity with one another. On the teaching side, this also means intentionality in choosing texts, and working together to examine issues from multiple perspectives. We understand that our students hold all of the answers needed to create transformative change within their communities.

World Scholars Program

The World Scholars Program is a transformational learning experience for both students and families.  As a learning community, VLA has traveled to Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Panama, Cuba, Ghana, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.    Learn More

GrassRoots Campaigns

VLA students are expected to positively transform their communities. GrassRoots Campaigns (GRCs) are an essential component of the social justice curriculum at Village Leadership Academy where every student participates in a comprehensive yearlong service-learning project designed to address a social, political, and/or economic issue impacting their communities. VLA students gain essential leadership skills as they amplify their voice, demand accountability from influential forces, and work to reduce social barriers.     Learn More


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