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Our goal is to make higher education accessible & achievable for all.

Illinois College Options  educates students & guardians about post-secondary education and any resources available to support them.

We bring equity to college enrollment process by educating parents and students on the college application process and financial resources available, empowering students with the tools and experiences to successfully

matriculate into post-secondary education, and increasing the number of low-income students and students of color who enroll in Illinois colleges and universities.

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14 years have passed since my story with ITAV began. I am so grateful to the ITAV family for allowing my three daughters and me to be part of their great family. There have been great moments and memories that will always remain in my mind. Thank you ITAV for your support and commitment.

My toddler’s face lights up with excitement every time we are approaching his school.  It gives me a great sense of comfort knowing that he is in great hands while I am away from him.

ITAV’s teachers are truly a third parent in raising our kids and an essential part of our family! We not only lean on them for childcare, we turn to them for emotional support as parents, laughs after a stressful day at work, and honest feedback about what our kids need that we might be missing.

After receiving my Childhood Development Associate credential through the Early Childhood Workforce program at ITAV, I realized how much I love learning about children and think I want to pursue getting my Masters in Child Development.

Christina F.
ITAV Parent and Family Support Staff Representative
Lameeka H.
ITAV Parent
Jessica & Robert
Clinical Psychologist, CPS Teacher
ITAV Parents
Asja S.
ITAV Early Childhood Workforce Program Graduate

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