Kindergarteners Building A Playground!

By: VLA Teacher, Ashley Low

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I thought introducing the grassroots campaign to kindergarteners was going to be challenging, but I found doing the show and tell to be very helpful. Having students bring in items that represent problems in their communities made for easy discussions in the class.

It was also a way of giving our class ideas on the topic we wanted to focus on for our campaign.

This is how we came to our topic of not having enough parks in the South Loop community.

Our class discussed who this issue affects the most and the needs that are
going unmet such as exercise and obesity. We decided to survey our parents
along with the second graders in Ms. Ewing’s class. This helped us gage the
specific community to focus on because it showed which communities were inneed of parks.  According to the results, most families have parks by their
home (although many parents did not consider these areas a safe space to
play) which is why we targeted the South Loop/VLA area. While creating our
surveys it brought up the point of actually defining what a park is, because
there are students who believed VLA’s recess area was a park.  This led us
into a discussion about what students considered to be a park whether it is
having slides, grassy area, swings, monkey bars, etc. All of the students
considered a park to be a playground area.


Check out the video below to learn more about our Grassroots


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