A Teacher Makes All Things Possible

By: VLA Instructional Coordinator, Maria Wahlstrom

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Who taught reading to professors? Who taught science to doctors?  Who taught writing to authors? Who taught social studies to lawyers? Who taught math to engineers? Who teaches the next generation?

Who taught you?




There is no doubt that teachers make up an important part of the society’s backbone: teachers make all other jobs possible. They guide the development of our thinking and inspire the discovery of our opinions and interest. Yet, the teaching profession is still widely recognized as a “lesser status job.


“However, if you have ever taught, you may understand the intense planning, data analysis, creativity, intrapersonal skills, patience, leadership, innovation, discipline, emotion, energy, and work that accompanies excellent teaching.


Teaching is far from easy, but more than necessary.

A teacher has to be ON every moment of the day, despite his/her’s actual state of mind. If students notice one sign of fatigue or disengagement from their teacher, then rest of the day will undoubtably resolve in chaos.

Most of a great teacher’s workload is outside of the classroom, which includes late afternoons and nights of intense data collecting and analysis, after school counseling and tutoring sessions, lesson planning and grading (which last all evening and parts of the weekend and summer)… just to name a few.


It saddens me that America still does not currently give teachers enough honor and respect they deserve (New York Times: US is Urged to Raise Teacher’s Status).

We should recognize and honor the extremely challenging and important profession of teaching! I suggest checking out Letter to a Young Teacher (by Rick Ayers, Huffington Post) for a reminder.

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