ITAV and Depaul University form Speech & Language Partnership

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Published on October 26, 2021

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Through its commitment to education, innovation, diversity, and equity, the DePaul University Speech and Language Clinic has formed a partnership with It Takes a Village Family of Schools that will provide assessment and services for all aspects of early learning students’ communication including swallowing. Some of the services that will be provided include preventive screenings, comprehensive evaluations, and therapy services facilitated on a semi-weekly basis.  Therapy will include both individual sessions and small group sessions.


“ITAV is very excited to welcome

the students of DePaul and this partnership!”


– ITAV Director of Education, Tiffany Wiggins

According to the Depaul University Speech & Language Pathology (SLP) program, preventative screenings may diagnose and benefit children with any of the following disorders: autism spectrum disorders, receptive and expressive language delay, speech sound disorder, social communication disorders, fluency disorder, motor speech disorder, developmental delays, cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, and more.

Student in ITAV West classroom receives SLP assessment

According to the Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (2001), “Decreased language ability has been implicated as a factor in the lower academic achievement of children from lower SES families as compared with children from middle or more advantaged families.”


This means that partnerships in speech and language pathology such as ours could not be more important where children from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds may face additional challenges in language acquisition and obtaining early preventative strategies.


Additionally, ITAV could not be more excited to announce that our Chief Executive Officer, Nakisha Harris Hobbs, has recently been invited to serve on the Depaul University Speech & Language Pathology Community Advisory Board! This group actively supports the program to prepare speech-language pathologists to meet the diverse and urgent needs of the Chicago community and beyond with a special concern for those who are most vulnerable.


Those seeking more information on this partnership may reach out to ITAV’s Director of Education, Tiffany Wiggins, at

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